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New Treatment for Tendoniitis and Heel Pain (plantar fasciitis) - Topaz Microablation

TOPAZ is a simple and quick procedure ... utilizing the exceptionally controllable properties of Coblation.

Through a small incision about an inch long ... the TOPAZ MicroDebrider is applied on and around the affected tendon for 1/2 second duration treatments a quarter inch apart ... until a grid-like pattern is formed. With every fourth application, the device is inserted deeper into the tendon - approximately 1/4 inch in depth.

Small amounts of tissue are removed as a light dose of radiofrequency energy is directed into the tissue.

The entire TOPAZ procedure typically takes less than 20 minutes and the patient is ready to leave the clinic once recovered from light anesthesia.

The TOPAZ Microdebrider utilizes the same proven technology that is used in more than 10,000 operating rooms and 2 million patients worldwide.

The Topaz radiofrequency therapy procedure demonstration. A small incision is made. The fascia is checked and the probe is used to make small holes into the fascia to increase blood to the area and break up scar tissue.